We Believe in Sheep’s Milk

We Believe in Sheep’s Milk

Feb | 2017 | merepark

We believe in sheep’s milk. Yes, we know that sheep’s milk isn’t the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, but we believe in it, and the benefits it brings. In the years we’ve spent with “our girls” we’ve had so many customers tell us that they too have come to “believe” in sheep’s milk, and they’ve been spreading the word on its benefits. (You can also check out our post on the benefits of sheep’s milk for more info.)

But if you’re new to the whole sheep’s milk shebang, you might be wondering….

Where can I buy sheep’s milk?

Well, the good news is we’ve got a handy list of local suppliers of sheep’s milk on our website which you can check out. Simply select the sheep’s milk or cheese product you’re looking for and we’ll tell you where you can buy it. Want to know the bad news? There might not be a supplier of sheep’s milk in your area as, currently, we work mainly with suppliers in the South West of England. But wait! We’re working on it.

Increasing the number of suppliers of sheep’s milk and sheep’s cheese we trade with is top of our list of priorities this year. You might actually say it’s our passion. At the moment, suppliers of sheep’s milk and sheep’s cheese tend to be farm shops and delis, so we’re on the lookout for owners and buyers from these types of businesses who are interested in stocking our products.

Share the sheep love!

If sheep’s milk or cheese is on your shopping list, but you haven’t yet found a supplier, visit your local farm shop, delicatessen or artisan food stockist to check out their produce. If you don’t see sheep’s milk products on the shelves – tell them you’d like to! We’re in constant contact with potential suppliers of sheep’s milk up and down the country, but we can’t reach everyone. Hearing from you, our customers, will help us figure out who to chat to next.

Are you a (potential) stockist?

Alternatively, if you’re a supplier of sheep’s milk in waiting, make sure you get in touch! We’re in the process of developing a simple ordering tool on our website, so if you’d like more information on becoming one of our sheep’s milk and sheep’s cheese suppliers, please email us at info@mereparkcreamery.co.uk.