Protect Planet Earth

Protect Planet Earth

10 Simple things you can do to help protect planet Earth


As well as purchasing a tree to offset your Carbon Footprint, there are many simple adjustments you can do at home. Protecting our planet starts with… YOU!

1. Follow the three ‘R’s’ – Recycle – Reduce and Reuse

2. Conserve water – The less water we use, there will be less wastewater ending up in the ocean. Also think how nice it is to reduce your water bill. You can thank us later !

  • Put a brick in your toilet cistern
  • Dripping tap? Fix it!
  • Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth
  • Shower rather than take a bath
  • Collect rainwater in a water butt rather than using the hose to water the garden (This is England after all, plenty of rainwater!)

3. Chemicals – Consider all the cleaning chemicals that go down our drains and back into our waterways. Choose a non-toxic chemical to use instead. There are plenty of products and shops out there with fantastic products to choose from.

4. Electricity – Leaving a room? Turn the light off. Not on the computer? Turn the computer screen off. Not watching TV? It’s still using energy on standby. Replacing a lightbulb? Use an LED lightbulb which can last around 25,000 hours than 1,000 compared to an incandescent bulb. Children sitting in front of the TV all day? Find an activity they enjoy that doesn’t use electricity. Or go for a walk. Lower your heating and layer up. Lower your air conditioning and open some windows. Again, not only doing your bit to save the environment, reducing your electricity bill too.

5. Shopping – Take your re-usable shopping bag and shop wisely. Buy less plastic, buy the vegetables which come loose and not in ridiculous plastic. Shop at local market stalls where you can. Buy produce and gifts from your local farmers, fishmongers and crafters. Food tastes better, less carbon footprint and you are supporting your local area, not the big names which fill our homes with waste and excess plastic.

6. Volunteer – Volunteer for local clean ups. Get involved in keeping your hometown clean. Alternatively, if you are still waiting for someone else to pick that fast food packaging thrown in the hedge and you are tutting at the amount of rubbish in the playing field, simply pick it up and bin it.

7. Drive less – Ok, not always suitable for everyone but drive less, use public transport, ride your bike more or walk. Join your local car pool scheme. Cars are harmful to the environment so save the planet, fuel costs and get fit in the process.

8. School or University notes? Don’t bin them, speak to your tutor and ask if they can be given to students in a future class.

9. Reusable drink container – Take your re-usable coffee cup to your local coffee shop. Some stores offer a discount. Drink tap water from a reusable bottle, stop buying bottles of water every day. It’s adding to the waste! Some cafés and restaurants will gladly refill your bottle for you. Or even use the water fountain at school or work.

10. Composting – Make your own compost from your household food waste. It’s a great natural fertiliser, reduces your waste and keeps it out of our landfills.